R & R = Camping Trip

I’m taking a break…a break from packing that is.  I’m packing for our first family camping trip of the summer.  I started yesterday evening, and boy does it take ALOT of work.  We’ll be staying for 2 nights 3 days, but still…all to just immerse oneself and try to become one with nature.   We will be tenting…nothing like roughing it out in the beautiful wilderness of Vancouver Island.   We’ve teamed up with 3 other families, who are already at the campsite.  I double booked myself for today, we were supposed to leave on Friday, but what can one do!  I have a family/graduation portrait session today, which I’m so excited about!   After the session, we’ll be headin’ out to our camping destination.

I am so appreciative of the recent work that I’ve been asked to do.  BUT you have to be patient…there will be some upcoming fun blog posts!  For now, I’d like to leave you with this precious image of my recent newborn session with Mathias!  Congratulations Chris and Jessica!  He is gorgeous!  It was a pleasure to photograph your bundle of joy!

May you all have a relaxing and peaceful weekend, as this little guy is enjoying!

Off to enjoy this beautiful island and have some R & R with my family!

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