Megan Graduates

Today is Carihi’s Class of 2011 Cap and Gown Ceremony, and one of those graduate is Megan.  In exactly one hour Megan will be be receiving her High School Diploma.

Where do I begin with Megan.  I’ve known Megan from the time she was in her mommy’s tummy!  She was the cutest little smiley baby ever.  She had some FANTASTIC baby hair I must add.  Megan is special.  I crocheted my first baby afghan for her.  18years ago, I knew I wanted to give her something different and special.  So, I took on crocheting.  I worked long hours on it…but I finished it in about 6 months.  I mentioned that I was new at it…right?!  I was so proud of the work I had accomplished, I have to admit…I didn’t want to part with it.  But little did I know that the  blanket has served as a buffer for playdates, and tea parties.  This once little girl that I gave the blanket to has kept it to this day.  She too cherishes the blanket that I made for her.

Fast forward many many years, and I find myself behind the lens of the camera photographing her senior grad portraits. I’m enjoying her infectious smile and playfulness of her demeanor.  She was working the camera people…this was her moment, and she was rocking it.   During our session her mother Erika, refreshed my memory by reminscing that my dad (back in the day) took her graduation photos as well.  Looks like we’re keeping it in the family!

Megan you have blossomed into a GORGEOUS young woman.  I am confident that you will succeed at anything you put your determination to.  May you enjoy this new chapter in your life, as you head off to University!  Enjoy life!  Live it to the fullest!  As your parents are beyond proud, I too am so very proud of you today!  Congratulations Megan in completing your Grade 12!

Here’s a glimpse of the photo session we had with Megan.  Hope you enjoy!

Grandma's Tears of Joy

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