The Filberg Lodge and Park doubles as the tropics in this vintage video sneak peek of our latest wedding shoot!

There are only a few places on Vancouver Island that you can find a palm tree, and Filberg Lodge and Park is one of them!  The heat of the day, the glistening water, and yes… the palm tree, all inspired me to put together this sneak peek of Peter and Ann’s amazing wedding.  Doesn’t hurt that in their fantastic outfits she looks like Marilyn Monroe and he looks like a young Ricardo Montalban.  It’s exciting to be a wedding videographer when you feel there’s a classic movie taking place all around you!  Enjoy the retro black and white version, and then the original in hifi Technicolor below!

-Ryan Mennie, videographer with Mennie Memories

And the original version in hifi Technicolor!

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