Dreams Do Come True…

That seems to be the latest trend in my household at the moment.  “When you wish upon a star”….”Fairy Godmother’s transforming you to a goregous Princess”…meeting your “Prince Ali”!  In the mind of my 3year old daughter…this seems like reality.  Especially when you’ve recently come home from a Disneyland vacation, where not only did you get  to dress up as a mini Snow White, but you got to meet her, along with other 5 Disney Princessess!

For some of you your dream may be to win the lottery….for one local family here in my city…they lucked out, and it DID happen.   But for others…dreams come in different sizes.  For one woman, never in her wildest dreams did she think that she’d ever have the opportunity to live it. I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “Good things come to those who wait”?  Right…that one!

First, let me give you alittle bit of history on a specific South American tradition.  Quinceanera.  Ever heard of it?  Well, the word itself is made up  from two words : “quince”  (fifteen) and “anera”, which is a derivative of “anos” (year).  The word itself refers to a girl’s fifteenth birthday.  This celebration…for girls, is a HUGE deal.  I mean HUGE!  It’s just like planning a wedding…there are invitations that need to be sent out, dinner menus selected, the celebration hall needs to be chosen, and a band  needs to be booked.    The Quinceanera celebration is where a young girl makes here transition to childhood to adulthood. While growing up, you long for that special celebration to come.  This is your childhood dream!

What if that special 15th birthday came and went?  What if you never had the chance to live that dream?  The dream that you craved…planned in your mind….dreamnt about that special dress you’d be wearing.

But, for one moment…put yourself in that individual’s place.  What if years had gone by….you’re married…have children…you’re surrounded by AMAZING friends.  And everyone around you knows what is going on, except YOU!  What if you did such an amazing job at choosing that “Prince Ali” and you did an AMAZING job at raising 4 sons.  4 boys that really appreciate their mom for all that she has done for them, including a husband.  And they all know that her one dream was to have that birthday party celebration she never got to have.

Well, I have to say…these “men” did a FANTASTIC job.  These “men” did just that.  In this family…birthdays are huge as it is.  So, for a hubby to take his wife to Vancouver and choose a special dress (in the coming weeks before the party) was nothing out of the ordinary.  It was just simply a token of love.

The “day” has arrived.  Maritza goes to a hair appointment…comes home…slips into her dress.  Looks outside, what does she see?  A limo.  She motions one of her sons to go outside and see if the limo driver is lost…you don’t see a limo everday in your neighborhood.  It’s then that everyone reveals to her that the limo is for her.  She’s in disbelief.  They hurry her, as they have to head out to their supposedly “dinner” reservation.  One of her boys gets a call, and they inform them all that they double booked so they had to cancel their reservation (don’t worry…it’s all part of the plan).  So, they decide to go down to Robert Ostler Park to hang out.  That’s where I come in.  Out comes a STUNNING Martiza, and I greet her to reveal to her that I’ll be taking some family photos.  She’s shocked.  I’m in awe at how BEAUTIFUL she looks.  I’m feeling super under dressed, as I purposefully didn’t do my make-up….pulled my hair in pony tail, and slipped on my oldest jeans EVER.  BUT, yet again…all part of the plan.  We have a SPECTACULAR photo session!  The sky couldn’t have been any bluer…the clouds couldn’t have been any perfect.  The session ends….they all hop back in the limo, and I give a goodbye hug to Maritza and wish her an unforgetable evening.  Little did she know that as soon as the limo was out of my view…I sped home…hopped in the shower, and got dressed for Martiza’s 50 Birthday Celebration! All in a whopping 6  minutes!

We head out to the Royal Coachman Pub, and it’s there that Maritza is surprised by all her invited guests.  She is greeted my a live “Mariachi” band singing to her “Las Mañanitas” on her grand entrance.  This is it…this is the party she has longed for as long as she could dream.  And her husband and sons all pulled it off!  The night was filled with happy tears, lots of food, and lots of dancing.

Maritza…you bring tears to my eyes as I sit here and type.  You truly are a STUNNING woman inside and out.  You have a heart of gold.  You are a loving, compassionate, selfless woman.  You are a friend that EVERYONE in this world should have.  You always speak words of encouragement to everyone or anyone.  May you continue to have blue skies surround you in whatever path you take.  May your joy that you ooze be a joy that is infected by everyone  in your radius.  May you continue to inspire, encourage and better other people through their lives trials.  Maritza Happy 50th Birthday!  Thank you for being my friend!

I leave you with some  images that made up her day.  Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

One thought on “Dreams Do Come True…

  1. Jessica says:

    Ludy, these are SO beautiful! Amazing job!

    Maritza, so glad I got to share your special day! You are an amazing women, so glad you are part of my life! xo

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