Are you ready to Zumba?!!

ZUMBA…what is that?  Well, if you haven’t heard of the latest fitness craze…now is your time to.  Zumba was originally invented in Columbia in the late ’90’s and it’s a Latin inspired fitness program.  And the cool thing is that  the latest fitness studio in Campbell River is offering this program.  Which studio…well Stereo Fitness that is!  Stereo Fitness has officially opened their doors today, and had an incredible turnout at their 9:30a.m. class!

I first heard about Zumba through my mom about a year and half ago.  She had come to my house ranting and raving about this new form of fitness.  I have to admit…I thought that the workout she had experienced may have been attributed to her physical state.  Nevertheless, I enjoy latin american dancing as my cultural background is South American.  My family is from Chile, and well, I’m a first generation Canadian, but I was brought up with South American cultural traditions, along with the language.  Yes, I’m a fluent spanish speaker!  Back to the story…Well, boy was I wrong about the whole thing.  I have never felt an exhilarating rush of adrenaline through any exercise routine I’ve encountered.  I sweated like I’d never sweated before.  The latin inspired rhythms get soaked through your entire body, and it motivates you to just move!  Move to what your instructor is directing you to do that is.  The energy in the room is so intense…a good intense…everyone is just plain having FUN.  There is not the sense of trying to keep up with everyone…everyone is keeping up the best they can, and that’s okay.  No sense of competition or showing off.   The studio will also be offering other classes, but I highly recommend any form of Zumba.  You will not regret it.  I do have to share a personal story here that I hope will inspire other people.  After my first class of Zumba, I was hooked…so hooked that I couldn’t wait to bring someone along with me…I shared it to some friends, but one in particular I knew they’d enjoy it.  This friend hummed and hawed for the longest time…I admit…I gave up asking.  BUT, then I find out she had gone on her own accord and LOVED it!  She’s hooked…she was even one of the first attendees at the first class at Stereo fitness!  It’s addicting…it’s life changing, and you’ll slowly or quickly for that matter see your body shed those winter pounds off.  So, come on…get off the couch…stop reading, and pick up the phone or drive down to Dogwood and check out Stereo Fitness!  The team is anxiously waiting for you with open arms!

On a side note, I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph the staff of Stereo Fitness for their promotional material.  We had a BLAST!   These women are full of positive energy.  They are oozing with a passion of helping women and men get fit, and more importantly having some FUN with it all!   I’d like to share some of those images with you!  Hope you enjoy them.

Like I mentioned, come out and enjoy the new fitness craze!  You can get all the information, scheduling, and pricing at Stereo Fitness website here.

Meet Pamela…the Owner and one of the fitness instructors of Stereo Fitness!

and this is her team!






We headed over towards the ocean for a West Coast feel to the photos, and we lucked out…see below!

So, don’t hesitate…go get your membership!

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